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Why Become an Original Fingerprint Charm Retailer?

Becoming an Original Fingerprint Charm Retailer provides you the benefit of buying directly from us and save as much as 55%.

The fingerprint charms are sent directly to your business in as little as two to three days. This quick turnaround gives you plenty of time to present these heirloom pieces to the family during a time when they need comfort the most.

The Original Fingerprint Charm is an heirloom piece the family can share through the generations, as this is a quality product with a lifetime warranty. The family will be consoled to have a part of their loved one with them as the charm includes a fingerprint on the front, along with a name, date, or custom engraving on the back.

No Middle Man

When you become an Original Fingerprint Charm reseller, you purchase your products directly from us with no handling fees and no middle man, so your profits are increased with each sale. With no middle man involved, there is also less chance for order errors, and turnaround times on orders are much faster.

If you like the idea of selling a product you are passionate about, becoming a retailer with Original Fingerprint Charms is a perfect choice. When you become a reseller with us, you save 55% off the MSRP pricing. This savings allows you to mark up the products 2.2 times to maximize your profits.

Fast Deliveries

When you place an order, we strive to have the product ship in two to three days. In the funeral home business, these quick shipping times are essential. The faster you can receive the items, the sooner you can present them to your customer.

Guaranteed Products

Customers like nothing better than knowing you stand behind the quality of their purchase. When you become an Original Fingerprint Charms retailer, you can rest assured in guaranteeing the quality of your sales as we stand behind the craftsmanship of each product sent to you.

At Lowery's Jewelers, we know you are not just selling our products, you are building your reputation and we have a personal stake in providing you heirloom-quality pieces at wholesale prices. Each piece you order will be crafted uniquely and become something you will be truly proud to present to your customer.

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