Nothing is more unique than a fingerprint. Each tiny line, scratch, and scar records a lifetime of memories. Treasure those memories forever with an original fingerprint charm or keepsake.

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My father started our original jewelry business back in 1982. We were a full-scale jeweler including showcases filled with tons of inventory and a state of the art shop with all the latest equipment for repairs and extensive, custom handmade jewelry along with the finest goldsmiths. During the early years, our expertise quickly turned toward the custom creation side of things. Then in the 90’s and early 2000’s a fad hit the jewelry business called “Charm Bracelets”. Everyone was out to create the latest greatest charms for these bracelets. That’s when we first developed the idea of using a child’s fingerprint to create a unique charm like no other. The idea quickly took off and the Original Fingerprint Charm was born.

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The Original Fingerprint Charm has a Lifetime Warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

At Lowery's Jewelry, we stand behind every product we sell. We understand that you are looking for unique items that are worthy to pass from one generation to the next. If your heirloom doesn't withstand the test of time then our reputation for quality craftsmanship won't either.